Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Weekend as a Ring Bearer

As you might know, I was a ring bearer this past weekend in my Uncle Doug's wedding. Here is a picture of me in my tuxedo with the fancy pillow I carried the rings on.

Here is my Uncle Doug. He is now married to my Aunt Serena.

My Mommy and Daddy were also in the wedding, but despite my best efforts, everyone decided that Cameron was too young to be the candle lighter (so he didn't get to wear a dress or a tuxedo).

My Grandma Diane and Grandpa Tommy came all the way from Holly, Michigan, where they live, to watch me and Cameron. It was lots of fun to see them and more fun to play with them.

We also got to meet our new cousin, Nicholas. He is only six weeks old, and he slept a lot.

Cameron was very excited as the wedding was finally about to begin!

Here I am just before the wedding with Kali, the flower girl. (Cameron blows her kisses every time he sees her!)

Then, it was go time and I went all the way down the aisle.

At the end of the day, it was just me and Daddy, hanging in the parking lot.

Then, Grandpa Tommy reminded me how to be cool in my tuxedo.


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