Sunday, February 27, 2005

Three New Teeth, Crawling and Pulling Myself Up

Here I am with my new teeth (two new teeth up top, one more new one on the bottom), my new crawling abilities (everywhere and then some) and my new pulling myself up ability (I can pull myself up on anything these days). It's lots of fun to play with my brother's stuff now that I can crawl to it, but I have to be careful not to bite myself in the process!


Saturday, February 26, 2005

The G-Men

Last night, we went shopping at the Shoppes of Arbor Lakes and Ben and I both got these great sun glasses. Mommy says we look like trouble. What do you think?


Friday, February 25, 2005

My New Airplane Lamp

Here's a photo of my new bedroom lamp. I had some gift certificates to Pottery Barn Kids from Christmas, and with the help of Mommy and Daddy, I got this really neat airplane lamp!

Pretty cool, eh?


Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Mexican PDF Photoshow

Hi everyone,

My Daddy thought you might like to see the most extensive pictures of our week in Mexico. It's best if you have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Reader or better (version 7 is preferred), so that you can see the slide show and hear the music. Click here for it.

PS: It may take a while to load. It's a big file!
We'll be back soon!


Friday, February 18, 2005

Traveling Again!

While Ben, Mommy and I are down in Algona, I asked Daddy to post this picture of me so that you wouldn't think we've forgotten about all of you. Hope you have a nice weekend, we'll be back with some new pictures soon.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Week in Cancun: Ben's Perspective

Well, we just got back from our vacation in Cancun and both Cameron and I thought we'd share our thoughts with you. As many of you know, we left last Sunday morning to spend a week in Cancun. We were going to visit some of Mommy and Daddy's friends, the Besancons. I had previously met Rachel, the Mommy, and the two kids, Ben and Claire, but it was a while ago and I wasn't sure what to expect.

We started out the day Sunday with a trip to the airport. We got to ride a bus to the terminal and I even got to help Daddy carry some heavy luggage to the check in desk. We got to get on a neat plane and Daddy and I had a whole row to ourselves. We finished up Sunday watching the Super Bowl and going to bed early. Even though it's a foreign country (a first for both me and my baby brother), we still were able to have Pappa John's pizza while we were watching football. Unfortunately for my Mommy and Daddy, Sunday was the national election and no beer, wine or margaritas were served.

On Monday, we got to get up early and go play. There was a long pier right in front of our villa on the beach. From out on the pier, you could see this really big flag!

Apparently, this flag is a well known Cancun landmark, so it was neat to look for it when we were in different parts of the city.

I took Mommy and Daddy all over the resort, but we spent a lot of time in the kiddie pool. Normally, I could take advantage of the Besancon's jet lag and get up early to hit the pool well before anyone else. Here's a shot Daddy took around 8am. We beat all of the other kids here by about 2 hours.

The kiddie pool wasn't heated at all, so it often took the whole afternoon for it to warm up. One day, we skipped the pool in the morning and went to meet Cookie Monster instead. We also got to go to a fancy aquarium!

One other day, we headed over to another place where the pool was heated. It was called the Royal Sands. They had a great beach. Here is a picture of the view from it.

Here's a picture of Claire and I in the (heated) kiddie pool at the Sands. It was fun playing in the (warmer) water!

Here are a few pictures of us that were taken later in the day. Here's a picture of me and my brother and our Daddy in the kiddie pool at the Sands.

And here's a picture of us and Mommy.

Even though I don't like the feel of sand on my feet, I was sad to have to go home.

Anyhow, Daddy will post a link to a big PDF slide show with more pictures later in the week. Have a good one!


A Week in Cancun: Cameron's Perspective

Well, we just got back from our vacation in Cancun and both Benjamin and I thought we'd share our thoughts with you. We all went to this place in Mexico, which is apparently another country, and we met some people I had never met before and who's name I can't pronounce, let alone spell. They seemed nice, and I was instantly in love with Claire, their daughter. That was good, as I started my time of seperation anxiety from my Mommy and Daddy.

Anyhow, like Ben said, I got to go on a plane too. And Mommy and I had a row to ourselves, but unlike Ben, I napped most of the way there. We got to take a taxi to the resort, which was the first taxi I had ever been in. Ben had been in one before, so he knew what to do. I was pretty tired, so I didn't even watch the big football game before I went to bed.

On Monday, the Besancon kids were really jet lagged and they got up really early. I could hear Claire talking, so I made Mommy and Daddy get up with me. Here's a picture of me and Mommy at 6:30am.

We had a great view of the ocean from our villa -- in fact, we were three steps from the beach! I had never been to a beach before, so it was really neat to play in the sand.

I knew pretty quickly that we weren't in Maple Grove, Minnesota, where we live anymore, and I was really excited about it.

I loved going out and about in Cancun as well. Most of the time, we took the buses. The bus drivers go crazy fast and you have to run to get on and off. Lots of times when we were on the bus, I would hold on to the seat in front of me and stand on Mommy or Daddy's lap and scream with delight. Here's a picture of me on a bus.

You may have seen the picture of Claire in Ben's post. I took a liking to Claire and I think she took a liking to me. Here's a picture of her feeding me my bottle.

And here's a picture of her feeding me my food.

She was a great help for me too when Heidi from came over and put us to bed one night so that all of the Mommies and Daddies could go out.

The next day, we went to the Royal Sands. Ben has some great pictures of us in the pools, but I was pooped from partying with Heidi, so I spent a lot of time sacked out in my lawn chair.

At long last, we had to go home. Here's a picture we took of all of us kids on the steps to the beach.

Both Bens thought it was too bright out.

Anyhow, those were the highlights of the week! I hope you enjoyed our vacation pictures as much as we enjoyed the vacation!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Daddy came home early from work today so that we could go sledding before all of the snow melts and Mommy got us all bundled up. Here's a picture of Cameron with his new hat on under his snow suit hood.

Here we are at the top of the hill at the end of our street.

And here we are at the bottom. That was Cameron's first sledding run ever!

When we were done sledding, we made a big snowman! Here's a picture of me and the snowman.

While playing in the snow was fun, I think I'm looking even more forward to going to Mexico next week and playing on the beach!